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WHO is RTT for? 

Do you suffer from illness or mental pain

Do you feel exhausted or empty inside?

Are old wounds and obstructing patterns keeping you trapped? 

Is sexuality or gender an issue for you? 

Is it hard to deeply and truly love yourself

Do other people's needs always seem more important than yours?

Do you feel the urgency to live more in alignment with your inner self?

Did you spend a lot of time, money, energy on figuring out what's wrong with you?

But do you still feel stuck in old pathways, unable to really manifest lasting change?

Imagine what it would be like to create more flow in your life, more beauty, more satisfaction.... 

YES, you can create the life you wish for

with RTT

Rapid Transformational Therapy 

developed by Marisa Peer  


RTT , Rapid Transformational Therapy is successfully used by thousands of therapists worldwide. 

RTT starts from neuroplasticity: the power to reprogram our brain. Changes in mental and physical health are within reach for everyone. We erase unhelpful beliefs and replace them with helpful beliefs. By entering into a dialogue with your subconscious mind, the cause of your problem becomes clear in one session. You remove the blockages and transform them into new, supporting beliefs. So, you create the flow you want and deserve. Daily you start to move towards more freedom. Your focus is now on your possibilities and your power. 

RTT integrates the best of hypnotherapy, neurolinguistics, psychotherapy, NLP and neuroscience. It is a powerful method with a profound and lasting impact on your entire life. 

Through RTT you can achieve change and healing in all areas of life: health, finances, emotional well-being, relationships and sexuality, career, …. In concrete terms, RTT is an efficient method for quitting smoking and other addiction problems, anxiety disorders, health problems of all kinds, stress, eating disorders, lack of self-confidence, loneliness, behavioral problems, … 

Duration : 1 to 3 sessions. Simple issues are resolved after 1 session. For more complex conditions, 2 or 3 sessions may be needed to understand all layers and facets in order to transform you. After each session you will receive an audio with the transformation to take home. You listen to this recording every day for 3 weeks. 

Through repetition you anchor the changes in your subconscious. This is your commitment as a client. 

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I consciously don't translate the testimonials, so the voice of my clients keeps its authenticity. It is essential that you can read about the impact of RTT and how they have experienced the RTT process . The privacy of my clients is extremely important to me. That's why I do not publish any photos of them and only use their first names.

"Elise begeleidt dit proces op een leuke en fijngevoelige manier. Dankzij haar aanpak heb ik me elk moment op mijn gemak gevoeld en echt gehoord. Ze legt helder uit hoe ze tewerk gaat, stelt gerust en luistert echt. Heel fijn hoe ze steeds passende woorden of beelden vindt en interessante quotes of kaders deelt. Ik luister (nog steeds) met plezier naar de audio en merk dagelijks aan kleine dingen hoe de woorden en boodschap in mijn wezen zijn doorgedrongen. En Elises mooie stem is een leuke plus!

Ik ben Elise erg dankbaar, heel tevreden met de RTT therapie en het resultaat ervan. Iedereen die het overweegt, raad ik het ten volle aan. 

Lien, Belgium

„My RTT session with Elise had a really big impact on my life providing an answer I had been searching for most of my life. I had tried many different approaches but never found an answer that really satisfied me. It was because of a health issue that I did the RTT session with Elise. The original aim was to find out what the message behind that issue was: What needed to be solved or released? What blockages needed to be removed? The more I learned what RTT is the more excited and confident I got that it would be the perfect way to approach this health issue holistically....

During the session it became clear how my health issue was linked to that question and I found the long sought answer. Since then I have a deep inner clarity and trust on how to proceed. The guided meditation I got after the session, made by Elise individually for my issue, was magical – not only that Elise has such a beautiful voice but also the words she found felt like my own. It was like she had really ‚felt into me‘. For me the RTT session was not only an important step in healing my health issue but also in my personal development and in improving my life. I am so thankful! It is such a great feeling to know that I could use RTT again.“ 

Anke , Germany

I booked an RTT session with Elise because I felt there was a reason for my ulcerative colitis beyond my genetic disposition, nutritional or allergy related components. I felt like my body held a message I didn't understand. Elise and I had a discovery call where I told her about my problem of wanting to understand the reason for my ulcerative colitis, but also additional things that were going on, such as my wish to live healthily, lose weight, eating clean, exercising regularly and setting up my business. Throughout the session, I felt understood and taken seriously. 

During our RTT session, I was impressed how you can kind of be in two mental states at the same time. One was following Elise's guidance, while the other was eager to observe. I felt totally safe and followed Elise's words guiding me deeper and deeper inside, taking me to memories that finally helped me to connect the dots, helping me to see the big picture and understanding that my body is indeed trying to help me to guide me away from what doesn't serve me and towards a place my mind is at dis-ease with, as it requires change. I am not saying this is universally true, but it became very apparent to me during the hypnosis that this is definitely true in my case. 

I felt safe and held during the entire session and throughout all the pictures and emotions I saw and felt. Even though we were "only" connected via Zoom. After our session, Elise sent me a beautifully spoken recording that I am listening to daily. It incorporated all my issues we had spoken about! Elise had listened so well! But the most astonishing part for me is, that ever since I started listening to the recording three months ago (I am no longer listening to it daily) I am suddenly eating better and are exercising regularly! Looking after myself is no longer just a wish of mine, it's something I prioritise and enjoy! Thanks so much Elise for holding such a safe space for me, guiding me so well and successfully, and enabling me to finally do what I have been wanting to do for years! And most importantly, enabling me to finally understand what is going on, on a much deeper level. If I ever feel I need help again, I will definitely book another session and recommend Elise to my friends too! 

Kerstin, Germany

"Elise tikte voor mij ongelofelijk op de juiste knoppen om mezelf op een natuurlijke manier meer en meer te openen voor de persoon die ik in wezen ben. Ze distilleert op een verrassende manier de essentie van de kern van mijn wezen  en zijn ware toedracht

 De natuurlijkheid en fijngevoeligheid waarmee ze luistert  en de manier waarop ze de essentie teruggeeft aan mij is een bijzondere gave van haar, ik zou zelfs kunnen zeggen een aangeboren eigenschap waarvan ik ten zeerste mocht proeven en genieten. De beeldtaal en de zintuiglijke omschrijvingen maken het geheel van de opname bijzonder levendig.

Het onbewuste deel dat door haar werk,  bij mij is aangesproken, zet meer in beweging dan ik mij ooit kon voorstellen. Ik ben er op z'n minst  een veel gelukkiger mens van geworden."

An, Belgium

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